Welcome to AuraQuest, Inc. where our focus is on quality, performance, and results.

AuraQuest is a multi-division company with a mission to produce and provide top quality services and alternatives. Our company is broken down into two major divisions:

  • Consulting, Security, Web, and Mobile Platform Development Services
  • Research and Development

While our primary customer base is with our consulting services, we are also investing in our nation's and the world's future by R&D into a wide variety of sustainable technologies and energy sources.

Application Consulting, Security Consulting, and Web Development Services

The Consulting and Web Development Services division focuses on providing our clients with the best Mobile Platform, Web 2.0, Application Integration, Security, Database Design, and Network Optimization services available. We provide a wide range of talents, including:

  • Android Mobile Platform development for both phones and touchpads
  • Software Development and Web 2.0 applications in Java and .NET
  • Security Analysis, Penetration Testing, and Digital Forensic Analsys including in-depth application, networking, and website reviews
  • Legacy System integration
  • Database Design and Optimization for MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL
  • Network Design and Optimization for hardware maintenance and operations support

All of this with the quality and customer support you expect.

Research and Development

While Consulting is our mainstay, R&D is our passion. Exploring cutting edge technologies in Alternative Energies and Aviation, just to name a few areas, helps us to look to the future. AuraQuest literally translates to "The Search for Light", which is how we view our Research and Development. Check out the R&D section of the website to see more insights into some of the areas we're exploring.




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